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By:Scott Houser on 5/2/2014

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Taxation: Individuals, Corporations & Partnerships

The tax code becomes more complex with each passing year. Congress often passes changes in the code late in the legislative session, giving taxpayers little time to adjust their financial strategies.  Errors on a tax return seem to have larger and more costly implications as your business grows or your salary increases.

Preparing a tax return is not the only task that our firm can do to help manage your income and wealth. Transferring property by creating a trust can be benefit many and is an important tool in estate planning. Trust and estate returns are just a few more of the tax services Summers, Carroll, Whisler LLC provides to our clients.

The professionals at Summers, Carroll, Whisler LLC can keep you abreast of these changes and file your returns in a timely manner that will minimize your tax liability.  Diana Garza leads the firm’s tax practice, keeping abreast of the latest changes in the tax code to better serve our clients.

Professional Services:

  • Individual and corporate tax planning
  • Federal and state income tax return preparation for individuals, partnerships and corporations
  • Nonprofit tax compliance
  • Property tax filings
  • Sales and use taxation
  • Estates, trusts, and gift tax preparations and planning
  • Fixed asset inventory and analysis
  • Client advocates before the IRS